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Since opening in June 2015, Brad and Mike have been committed to serving honest, locally sourced food to patrons of the Eastside Club Tavern.

Our Table was serving guests of the Eastside Club Tavern before it even had a lobby of its own! After working for two and a half years as a bartender at the historic Eastside Club Tavern, Co-Owner and Chef Mike Holbein was inspired to start a kitchen in the space next door. Since then, Our Table has expanded into the lobby it now calls home, the Olympia Farmers Market, but is still proud to serve honest, local food through a walk-up window connecting the two businesses. Guests at the Eastside enjoy burgers, roasted vegetables, oysters, and salad, all crafted with ingredients from the community.



The Eastside Club Tavern has been family owned since 1942! Surviving earthquakes and train crashes, this venerable old club has stood the test of time and will continue to delight Olympians for years to come!


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The Window To The Eastside Club Tavern


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Daily 3pm - 10pm

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