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Our Table is proud to announce an amazing opportunity to expand to the Olympia Farmers Market. We've opened the newest vendors space, serving new hot food every week, at the market. Brad and Mike are extremely excited to take this step and further strengthen the local food network and their commitment to our community.

Our Table is proud to be the only restaurants in Olympia to source nearly all of its ingredients locally. In fact, they will be the only food vendor that truly uses only vendors at the market for their dishes. Thanks to partners like Calliope Farm, Hidden River, Johnson Berry Farm, The Fresh Approach, Stoney Plains, Skookum, and Sound Fresh Clams & Oysters, Brad and Mike are able to provide creative chained, locally sourced food for Olympia. They have held true to their mission of providing reasonably priced local food options to the community and will further this mission at the market.


“We plan on sourcing as much of our menu as possible from the vendors we call our friends, neighbors, and community of food growers and producers.” - Michael Holbein, Owner - Our Table


“The food from Our Table represents a community based, local food system, that we are proud of and excited to welcome into the Olympia Farmers Market! We hope that you will come see Our Table at the Market and experience all of the many flavors that the Market offers, all year long.” - Board of Directors, Olympia Farmers Market

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